• 1. Since 1992, Medical Expert Services have been Provided by THE HEALTHPLACE CENTER FOR DISABILITY AND INDEPENDENT MEDICAL EVALUATION, a Private Medical Practice of David P. Kalin, MD MPH.
  • 2. Medical-Legal, Governmental and Insurance Issues Dealing with Long-term Disability/Life Care Planning, Personal Injury, Medical Malpractice, Environmental Exposure, Workers’ Compensation, PIP, Social Security, and Emergency Medical Condition.
  • 3. Consultation: Complex Case Apportionment, Assistance in Blocking Cases for Anticipated Litigation, Evaluation of Future Medical Expenses.
  • 4. Professional Medical Specialization: Family Practice, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Emergency/Occupational/Environmental Medicine.
  • 5. 1000’s of Comprehensive Medical Evaluations and Reviews.
  • 6. 100’s of Depositions/Trial testimony.